Supply & Rent Crane

AmirKabir provides and entire line of all terrain cranes by many brands such as Kato, Tadano. From the 60-Ton to the 600-Ton, these highly cranes are cost effective, safe, and efficient to deploy. All terrain cranes are advantageous because they feature long booms with high capacities. Our all-terrain cranes are only available operated by our highly trained Local #150 Crane Operators to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of your project’s safety and profitability.

From residential to industrial and public structures, cranes are essential elements and are always present in the implementation and construction process. These are the cranes that allow the safe transportation and handling of cargo and objects. It is worth noting that there is a wide range of cranes, and this simple displacement of one foot to horizontal and vertical lifting up to 2 feet high makes it possible.

At a project site, cranes have two important tasks. The first is to somehow transport the tools from one corner of the site to the other, and the second is to lift and place materials and various parts of the structure to the desired location.

Cranes are expensive, and are made with sophisticated components that require specialized knowledge to ensure the safety of operators and users around them. Crashes, breakdowns, and crane accidents can result in significant costs for replacing damaged and broken crane parts. , Damage load and repair any damage to the surrounding environment. At worst, such incidents can cause serious injury and even death. In addition to the initial cost of buying a crane, the maintenance issue with specialized tools for service makes a crane a significant running cost.

تامین و اجاره جرثقیل

Preservation of capital

Renting preserves capital and frees up capital for other things that are likely to make more money.

Increase borrowing capacity

Users of equipment that they rent rather than buy find it easier because their assets are better than their liabilities. Because the equipment is not listed as a liability or expense in the balance sheet, it does not disrupt the normal route of obtaining bank credit. This is important in securing construction bids.

Minimum equipment for work

Owning equipment in particular can become expensive when the equipment is idle. Unemployment time is minimized when ownership of the original equipment is combined with their rent.

Cost control

Costs can be better controlled by renting equipment. It is difficult to know the exact cost of owning the equipment. Leased equipment can have a fixed cost – something that comes with a rental bill.


Daily jelly destroys decay. There are no ownership risks in the leased equipment. Here you can easily rent the latest and most up-to-date equipment.

Suitable for work

Ownership imposes another type of inefficiency by using the wrong size and type of equipment for a particular job, even though the equipment is not depreciated. This means additional costs and hidden costs. The renter guarantees the right equipment for every job.

Personal Property Taxes and Certificates

There is no tax charge or personal ownership certificate for the equipment provided.

Inventory control

Another advantage of renting is better inventory control. Contractors are less likely to suffer damage from theft when renting equipment. Equipment that has been rented and is due to be returned to the original owner at the end of the work is better taken care of.


Warehousing equipment is rarely required for rental equipment. Leasing allows contractors to operate at the lowest cost.


Moving equipment leased to the workplace of a contractor or customer who does not have such facilities is performed by the company itself. The contractor can order the equipment a few hundred miles from where he wants to use it. Accessibility and convenience are one of the most important advantages of renting without ownership.

Repair and maintenance

Leased equipment includes daily maintenance. The user does not need to purchase spare parts, supplies, mechanical repairs, or maintenance records.


Costs associated with the breakdown of our equipment are covered. They will be replaced when the leased equipment breaks down and will take the least amount of time to sleep on the project.