Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Amirkabir Company offers smart lifting and transportation methods to optimize construction, increase safety and reduce idle time for the petrochemical sector.

Meeting construction scheduling needs

Building new petrochemical facilities and equipment is a very challenging and complex process. The large number of parts that need to be shipped from different locations and the scheduling, implementation and installation of these equipment require careful planning and coordination. These logistical challenges are critical to the entire timing of operations. Due to the large interdependencies between the various construction and installation activities, timely installation of large and heavy parts is often necessary to ensure the completion of the project in a timely manner. Safety requirements require careful coordination between all activities and their proper implementation.

Safety and reduced work stoppage time

In addition to safety, reducing unemployment is of paramount importance during maintenance and failure activities. Many machines may not actually be designed for this workload. But by designing smart solutions for transportation and lifting, and especially by moving key parts in a petrochemical plant, the cost of simultaneous equipment downtime is reduced. Technological advances in lifting and transport equipment can introduce new approaches in this field. Dramatically reducing downtime and equipment downtime can be achieved through the use of expertise. Integrating different planning for unemployment time improves scheduling as well as positioning and use of lifting and transport equipment. This careful planning can reduce equipment failure schedules and allow them to be returned to operation faster.


Specialty high and wide

Amirkabir has a broad relationship with the petrochemical industry. The company is equipped with a large fleet of specialized equipment, senior management expertise and years of operational experience to optimize the timing of machine manufacturing projects. Through its cooperation with major petrochemical refineries and factories throughout Iran, the company has gained a high profile and has extensive experience in implementing such maintenance projects. Our project engineers and managers are usually involved from the very first stages of failure. Initial collaboration between all subcontractors ensures that maintenance activities are coordinated, effective and safe. This allows us to improve the shift times during maintenance with the highest safety performance standards.