Wind turbine

Amid Kabir’s efficient logistics and installation processes, leading to the challenge of moving away from locations and increasing numbers of large parts, optimizing the supply chain leads to ahead of schedule.

Maximize return on capital

Developers of ground wind farms are aiming to maximize their return on investment. By using larger turbines, the end result is improved. Cost savings during the construction phase can also have this effect. As wind farms or wind turbines are often built in remote locations, heavy investment in construction work is needed to provide access roads and installation equipment. Windy conditions where these turbines are installed can also reduce the efficiency of installation. This should minimize installation time and achieve faster sustainable energy production, both of which will accelerate the capital return on wind farms. By optimizing our supply chain and logistics, we help our clients accelerate and maximize their return on investment.

Design and construction optimization

Amirkabir is experienced in building wind farms around the world in a variety of situations. We support our customers by optimizing design and manufacturing processes. Our specialized equipment reduces the need for construction operations, and our large fleet provides extensive logistics and installation services. These include transportation from the turbine production site to the installation site, installation of towers, turbines and blades on site, and maintenance of the turbines. Amirkabir helps build and operate wind farms commercially profitable, by providing services and solutions to optimize construction and transportation methods.


Reduce time and costs

Amirkabir has extensive experience in the offshore and offshore wind industries to optimize supply chain logistics in this area. With our vast fleet of equipment, our expertise in the safe and efficient  handling of bulky cargoes, and our experience in operating systems, we support our customers at every step of their project  , while also delivering  relevant time and costs. By installing marine wind equipment we reduce it.