Mining & Metals

Amirkabir Company uses effective construction and logistics processes to provide mining services as well as modernize and expand existing equipment.

Overcoming bottlenecks

Mining equipment is often located in remote locations, which makes it difficult to build new parts. Larger components and construction technologies reduce the on-site construction activities, but timely supply of components or structures, as well as lifting and installation activities, are important. All of this is a challenge to work in remote locations. Infrastructure blocks must be identified and eliminated. Long-distance transportation of equipment and parts, and warehousing and logistics on-site must be carefully planned and precise coordination of downtime and costs is undertaken.

Minimize downtime

In underground mines, the equipment used is large and heavy. Unemployment time for this type of equipment can have huge financial and operational consequences that overshadow the entire production chain. Efficiency in assembling new equipment and moving to other locations as well as opening equipment for maintenance are of great importance in this area.


Optimize working time

Amirkabir has a long track record of successfully implementing a wide range of mining and metals projects. We are always ahead of schedule and optimize construction time using operational expertise and the use of different types of new equipment. We have secure and intelligent methods of lifting and transporting for construction projects as well as supplying and installing large and heavy parts. Through innovative engineering and operational ideas, we continually offer new ways to assemble, maintain and move key equipment – which will improve operating time and reduce time and costs. .