Civil Construction

Amirkabir works with its customers to find smart solutions for each project, increasing construction efficiency and minimizing costs while ensuring public safety.

Going beyond the boundaries of construction

Ground construction projects often require the installation of large, heavy parts. While innovative construction plans come with new designs that transcend conventional construction boundaries, they also require new methods of installation, equipping, and maintenance. Sometimes parallel activities are needed when building such infrastructure. Of course, things must be well managed, while minimizing interference with the day-to-day activities of the construction site.


Keeping pace with risk planning and minimization

Amirkabir has been involved in many construction projects around the world. We offer new ways to build a variety of buildings and buildings that are made possible through our operational expertise in a wide range of industries, using a variety of equipment and technologies. By employing clever methods of lifting and transporting elements, structures and equipment of construction, contracting companies can achieve their goals in a timely manner and minimize project costs and the risk of backlog. Public safety, as well as timely work and protection of the environment around the construction site, motivate us to act quickly and efficiently.