Heavy Lifting

Heavy and super heavy installation

By combining the capabilities of its highly experienced equipment equipment, Amirkabir has been able to provide an optimal way for any type of installation project.

Maximize productivity time

Industrial and factory maintenance projects require the replacement of large and heavy equipment. These types of heavy and super heavy installations must be securely protected to protect personnel, loads and adjacent structures. They should also be organized so that overall performance is optimized to maximize productivity of factories and power plants.

Specialty and equipment

With its long history, Amir Kabir can handle every heavy and super heavy installation project with advanced technology and engineering, from single installations to complex innovative projects that require new design equipment. The Amir Kabir crane contains a capacity of 3 to 5 tons and provides its cranes with maximum safe loading capacity. For optimal safety and security, the entire Amir Kabir fleet follows strict maintenance schedules.

Managing heavy projects

By managing all the necessary installation and transportation activities for a construction project, the company’s extensive services make the site safer, faster and more affordable.

Total optimization

The construction of factories and heavy machinery in industries is complex and requires different activities simultaneously by different main and subcontractors.

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