Power Planet

Amirkabir helps accelerate product arrival to market and reduce power plant idle time as well as maintenance and repair projects. All this while focusing on safety.

Realization of schedules

Heavy objects such as turbines, generators and transformers are key elements in building new power plants. Timely arrival and installation of these elements are important to maintain the schedule, as other construction and installation activities depend on them.

Critical Time Method

Disassembly, removal and installation of various components are critical to the maintenance of power plants. Because a project often involves different contractors with their own on-site teams, preliminary planning and careful coordination between different maintenance activities will result in improved work schedules. As with the construction of new power plants, maintenance and installation of new equipment has a significant impact on the timing of operations and can reduce overall downtime.


High expertise and reliable equipment

Amirkabir has long experience working with large power plants with a variety of structures, situations and conditions. We have gained experience in building, maintaining and maintaining power plants in long-term cooperation. And of course, through the mass of our expert engineers, we have been able to execute extensive logistics processes. Our large and diverse fleet of equipment – along with our operational expertise – has enabled us to perform assigned tasks safely and to complete complex and often precise tasks with precise timing.