Amirkabir Company

It is a Tehran based company operating in Iran and the Middle East. Amirkabir Company in the implementation of Contracts related to Aviation, Heavy Water and Soil, Heavy Equipment Installation and Loading Operations, Alignment, Production and Installation of Steel Structures, Sandblasting and Painting, Primary Care and Machinery Maintenance Is active.

We have been doing a lot of great projects across the country in the past 50 years, based on our 50 years of experience and for other companies such as Heavy Duty and Safe Work Company. Our expertise includes transportation, ship placement, installation, alignment and initial work of heavy equipment and light equipment for power plants, distillation units, petrochemical plants, oil and gas refineries, cement plants, heavy offshore structures and transportation And other things.

For example, we can supply cranes with capacity from 25 to 1000 tons as well as all other construction equipment. All of this equipment is operated by skilled personnel who are supported and guided by our in-house logistics system and our experienced engineers.

Our staff can work with expensive / delicate equipment, and are fully aware of the consequences and effects of not using these equipment properly on project schedules. Our equipment is regularly certified, tested and certified by a third party. It is recommended that in order to succeed in the work, the contract must be concluded in Tehran’s Amir Kabir, Iran.


Company Profile

The main activities of the company are:

  • Heavy Loading and Shipping
  • Rental of crane  equipment
  • Offshore construction activities
  • Assembly and maintenance of steel structures
  • Installation, alignment and stabilization of fixed and movable equipment
  • Perform plumbing operations
  • Blast sandpaper and paint
  • Angular deflection and transport operations
  • Heavy lifting projects and multi-module transportation from factory to foundation
  • Services Maintenance of plant equipment
  • Recycling and handling of shipwrecks and installation of marine equipment

Quality-based company that engineers wealth of technical knowledge in projects to  be taken . With its sophisticated and often unique knowledge of transportation and lifting , the company  has been able to carry out complex and complex projects throughout Iran. 


Complex projects and logistics are centrally driven from our main office in Tehran. We have operating companies all over Iran. This structure enables us to operate quickly in local markets and also provides the advantage of having a specialized and knowledge-based headquarters for multiple projects with a very detailed focus. Successful as a concentrated company, Amirkabir has adopted a centralized and coordinated approach to its operations.

Amir Kabir considers its employees as its core capital. Both common projects and specific projects are undertaken with the commitment and responsibility of everyone involved. The goal is to protect the safety of all Amir Kabir employees, subcontractors and customers. In addition, the main work plan is to protect the valuable equipment of Amir Kabir and its customers and minimize the permanent impact of heavy lifting and transportation activities   on the environment.

Link Belt 360 Ton Model LS718


Amir Kabir would be nothing without his engineers, because without his engineering front he would be unable to do any project. Thus, engineering can be regarded as the mastermind variable of Amir Kabir, a think tank capable of solving any exceptional and complex problem, which is always done with the thought of being practical. This combination has made Amir Kabir specialize in construction.

Unique new construction projects

The uniqueness of the work of Amirkabir Company and especially its engineering department is that every order is unique. In fact, there is only one standard thing, and that is the unique solution to each unique issue that should always be created. An exciting area for engineering department work is the development of unique new equipment and structures.

Safety at work

Safety first

What holds true for the whole Amir Kabir certainly applies to engineering: safety first. Clients want everything to be calculated in advance and stated in the guidelines, and often request risk analysis. Amir Kabir examines all engineering possibilities, both theoretically and practically, as well as externally controlled by reputable companies to build new projects. These are the safety tasks that have made Amir Kabir’s reputation and reputation as a responsible partner with its customers, who do all the work necessary to ensure the safety of their projects.

HSE policies Amir Kabir

It is the policy of Amirkabir and all its subsidiaries to achieve the highest standards of safety, health and environmental protection, and to ensure that the well-being of all employees within the organization is achieved. This policy applies when planning and operating all work activities in accordance with applicable laws, procedures for controlling work, providing information, training, and equipping employees on safety, health and environmental issues, promoting workplace safety awareness and encouragement Applies to mutual responsibility.

liebherr 550 Ton Model LR1550-2005

Getting Started Sessions / Toolbox Sessions

There will be a start-up meeting before the activities start on site. During this meeting all relevant details are presented, including technical details, scheduling, structuring, step-by-step processes, and all specific regulations related to workplace safety.

Supplies for personnel

All staff are provided with helmets, safety shoes, boilerplate, eye protection and ear protectors as needed. All personnel are trained in internal safety.
Particular attention is paid to situations where people work at high altitudes.

  • Use of safe ladders
  • Fitting and making the ladder handle properly
  • Use of special safety tools such as harnesses, safety ropes, etc., all of which are mandatory and provided by Amirkabir Co.
  • Use secure human rings / frameworks wherever needed
Risk analysis

If necessary, all of our activities are risk-based. The probability of an event / event occurring is evaluated on the basis of their impact. The outcome and outcome of this analysis determine what criteria should be considered to minimize or even eliminate risk.

Responsible for safety

During the project, a safety officer is employed. He must report to the project manager and take responsibility for overseeing all aspects and activities of Amir Kabir’s on-site safety activities.

In the event of an accident occurring or approaching an incident, a standard report will be established based on internal regulations.

Site inspection reports

During project implementation, site inspections are carried out regularly. The resulting inspection reports are set up and presented.