Amir Kabir’s involvement in the early stages of engineering helps optimize construction methods. This increases safety and improves the success of construction, transportation, and installation of important structures, while also reducing work disruption.

Off-site construction and minimizing disturbances

Infrastructure projects often require off-site equipment, which is usually large and bulky. Construction on bridges, runways, tunnels and towers is often a very difficult and complex task, and sometimes has a large impact on traffic, so some of their components must be off-site. These large and bulky components must be properly transported to the installation site and installed at a specified time to avoid disturbance at other stages of construction. Accurate coordination between these various activities is vital. A common challenge in this case is traffic and traffic disruption at the site of infrastructure projects. Such disturbances are a real nuisance to road and waterway users as well as local residents. So they should be minimized.


Safety, expertise and equipment

Amirkabir has been involved in a wide range of infrastructure projects. Our long operational expertise and our engineering ideas have enabled us to help our customers find ways to successfully build, transport, and install these infrastructure elements, both on the ground and under water. By incorporating engineering creativity in the very early stages, we help our customers optimize their overall construction method. Our large and diverse fleet allows us to combine different techniques according to the specificity of each project. We support our customers in carrying out their infrastructure projects in a timely manner, while always adhering to the highest safety standards and minimizing disruptions.