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Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

AmirKabir delivers smart lifting and transport methods to optimize construction, increase safety and reduce downtime for the petrochemical sector.

Facilitating demanding construction schedules

Construction of new petrochemical facilities presents a highly challenging and complex process. Large numbers of components must be transported from many different locations, and the timing, arrival and installation of these components requires detailed planning and coordination. These logistical challenges are critical for the entire operational schedule. As there are many interdependencies with other construction and installation activities, the installation of large and heavy components is often essential to ensuring timely project completion. Safety requirements demand close coordination between all activities, as well as a flawless execution.

Safety and reduction of downtime

Next to safety, the reduction of downtime is the foremost concern during maintenance and shutdown activities. Many plants were not designed with such activities in mind. By designing smart lifting and transporting solutions for exchanging key components in a petrochemical facility, both cost and downtime can be reduced. The technological developments in lifting and transporting equipment make these new approaches possible. Significant time savings can be realized by applying that knowledge to shutdown planning. Integrated planning of different shutdown activities enables optimal scheduling, as well as positioning, of lifting and transporting equipment. This careful planning can move shutdown schedules forward and enables a quicker return to operability.

Long-standing and deep expertise

AmirKabir has a long-standing relationship with the petrochemical industry. Armed with a large fleet of specialized equipment, top engineering expertise and years of operational experience, we are able to optimize plant construction schedules. By working in a wide variety of refineries and chemical plants in locations around Iran, AmirKabir has established high level insights and hands-on experience in executing petrochemical maintenance and shutdown projects. Our engineers and project managers typically become involved at the earliest stages of planning shutdown activities. Early cooperation between all subcontractors enables coordinated, efficient, and safe execution of maintenance activities. This enables us to improve turnaround times whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety performance.

Mining & Metals

AmirKabir realizes more efficient construction and logistics processes for bringing new mining capacity online and renewing or extending existing facilities.

Overcoming bottlenecks

Mining facilities are often located in remote locations where construction of new processing equipment is no easy task. Larger components and modular construction technologies reduce onsite construction activities, but the timely supply of components or modules, and the on-site lifting and installation of these objects; present a challenge in remote locations. Infrastructural bottlenecks must be identified and overcome. Pickups at the fabrication yard transport to the site, and onsite storage and logistics must all be carefully planned and coordinated to reduce downtime and save costs.

Minimizing downtime

In open pit mines, the equipment used is large and heavy. Downtime for this kind of equipment has large financial and operational consequences that are felt throughout the entire production chain. Efficiency is critical in assembling new equipment and relocating to other sites as well as in dismantling equipment for maintenance and overhauls.

Optimizing uptime

AmirKabir has a longstanding history of successfully executing a range of mining and metals projects. We move deadlines forward and optimize construction time by drawing on our operational expertise and utilizing a large and diverse fleet of equipment. We offer safe and smart lifting and transport approaches for both modular construction projects and the supply and installation of large and heavy components. Through creative engineering and operational insights, we continually develop new approaches for the assembly; maintenance and relocation of key equipment- improving uptime of operations while reducing time and costs.

Wind turbine

In an industry challenged by remote locations and increasingly larger components, AmirKabir’s efficient logistics and installation procedures optimize the supply chain, bringing deadlines forward.

Maximizing returns on investment

Developers of onshore wind farms aim to maximize their returns. By using bigger turbines, yields can improve. Cost reduction during the construction phase can also improve the business case. As wind farms are often built in remote locations, a significant investment in civil works may be needed to build access roads and installation pads. The windy conditions at onshore locations can also reduce weather windows for installation. Cutting down on construction time and getting power to the grid fast are both essential steps before generating revenue for onshore wind farms can begin. By optimizing supply-chain and installation logistics, we help our clients to begin maximizing their investment returns as quickly as possible.

Optimizing design and construction

AmirKabir has experience building wind farms all across the globe in diverse circumstances. We support our customers by optimizing both the design and construction processes. Our specialized equipment reduces civil works requirements and helps us to safely extend weather windows. Through our global coverage and extensive fleet, we provide our customers with full logistics and installation services. They include transport from the turbine manufacturer to the site, installation of towers, turbines and blades logistics on site, and commissioning of the turbines.
AmirKabir helps to make offshore wind farms commercially viable, by delivering services and solutions that optimize construction and transport methods.

Optimizing the supply chain

The construction of offshore wind farms presents several logistical challenges, including the high costs of offshore installation and the time pressure of weather windows. In order to optimize the utilization of offshore installation vessels, the supply chain needs to be well organized. Different components need to be collected, stored, loaded, and transported for installation at sea. By combining these activities and creating optimal component packages, construction time and costs are reduced.

Reducing time and costs

AmirKabir applies its longstanding experience in both the on and offshore wind industries to the optimization of supply chain logistics for offshore wind construction. With our large and wide fleet of equipment, our expertise in safely handling and transporting oversized loads, and our experience in operating terminals, we support our customers every step of the way while reducing the time and costs associated with offshore wind installation.

Offshore and Onshore

AmirKabir creates and delivers innovative approaches for the construction and transport of oversized and heavy structures for the offshore market.

Improving yard utilization

Construction activities offshore are complex, time consuming and costly. Specialized construction yards contribute to reducing offshore activities through onshore construction of increasingly large and heavy jackets and platforms. This requires new construction and load-out methods in the yards. As these yards experience a growing demand and handle increasingly bigger structures, their utilization must be optimized. Because certain yard facilities don’t allow the construction of large structures in one piece, requests for on-site mating of multiple components frequently arise. Both time and safety benefits can be achieved through smart construction and load-out approaches.

Optimizing construction schedules

Over the years, AmirKabir has established its expertise in executing construction lifts, yard moves and load-outs in a wide range of circumstances. By drawing on the knowledge of experienced AmirKabir professionals and utilizing our large pool of specialized equipment, we continually come up with new approaches for safely and quickly loading and transporting jackets and platforms to offshore destinations. New construction approaches are made possible by our well-tested push-up system and gantry lifting systems. This expertise allows us to optimize construction schedules and yard logistics and execute efficient load-outs in any situation.

Power Planet

AmirKabir helps to accelerate time to market and reduce downtime for power plant construction and component renewal projects. All while maintaining a focus on safety.

Meeting schedules

Large and heavy objects like turbines, generators and transformers are key elements in the construction of new power plants. The timely arrival and installation of these elements is essential to staying on schedule, as other construction and installation activities depend on them.

Time-critical approach

The removal, placement and installation of different components is time-critical to the maintenance of power plants. Because one project often has multiple contractors with their own teams on-site, early planning and close coordination of different maintenance activities optimizes the schedule. Like in construction of new power plants, the approach taken for removal and installation of the large elements has a significant impact on schedules and can reduce total downtime.

Extensive expertise and reliable equipment

Over the years, AmirKabir has worked in numerous power plants, with a variety of layouts, locations and circumstances. We have built our expertise in power plant construction, maintenance and decommissioning; and through our broad pool of engineers, we’ve developed highly efficient logistical processes. Our large and diverse fleet of equipment – in addition to our operational expertise – enables us to safely execute jobs that are often complex and always time-critical.

Civil Construction

AmirKabir works with clients to find smart approaches for each project to improve construction efficiency and minimize inconvenience while protecting the safety of the public.

Pushing the boundaries of construction

Landmark construction projects often require the installation of large and heavy components. While innovative architects come up with new designs that push the boundaries of construction and demand new methods of installation, construction space is often quite restrictive. And installation is often conducted while multiple parallel construction activities are ongoing. Of course, the work must be managed while minimizing interference with day-to-day activities around the construction site.

Keep on schedule and minimize risks

AmirKabir has played a role in constructing many of the world’s landmarks. We devise new approaches to landmark construction by drawing on our operational expertise in a range of industries, and by employing our large fleet of equipment and technology. By taking a smart approach to lifting and positioning elements, architects and construction companies can realize their construction goals while keeping on schedule and minimizing inconvenience and risk to other ongoing construction works. The safety of the public, as well as their timely enjoyment of both the landmark and the surrounding area, motivates us to work quickly and efficiently.


Involving AmirKabir at the early stages of engineering helps optimize construction approaches. This improves safety and aids the successful construction, transport and installation of critical infrastructure while minimizing disruption.

Enabling off-site construction with minimal disruptions

Infrastructure projects often count on the off-site construction of a number of large and heavy elements. The on-site construction of bridges, fly overs, tunnel elements and beams is often impossible, so complex, or has such a large impact on traffic flows, that off-site construction is required. These large and heavy elements need to be brought in and installed in a timely manner that minimizes interference with construction activities. Close coordination between these different activities is essential. A common challenge lies in traffic disruptions related to infrastructure projects. Such disruptions represent a real nuisance to road and waterway users, as well as to local residents. Therefore they should be kept to a minimum.

Safety, expertise and equipment

AmirKabir has worked on a wide range of infrastructure projects. Our long-standing operational expertise and engineering insights enable us to help customers develop approaches for successful construction, transport and installation of these critical infrastructure elements, both on land and on (or under) water. By becoming involved in the early stages of engineering, we help customers to optimize their overall construction approach. Our wide and deep fleet allows us to combine techniques for each specific project requirement. We support our customers in realizing their infrastructure projects in a timely manner, while always adhering to the highest safety standards and keeping disruptions to a minimum.

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we have carried out many prestigious projects in the all-around Iran based on 40 years’ experience in other companies such as Sangin Bar Arak and Eamen Kar co.

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