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Location / Phone headquarter

Phone: +98 21-8884-5721
+98 21-8884-5722
+98 21-8886-6531

Fax: +98-21-8882-8288

Address: 4th floor, No. 230, North Iranshahr St., Karimkhan St., Tehran, Iran

Operation office

Phone: +98 21-5525-8527

Address: Amirkabir warehouse, Shatereh, Saveh Road, Tehran – Iran

Mahshahr office

Phone: +98-9163332640

Address: beside airport, Mahshahr- Sarbandar road, Mahshahr.

Kangan office

Phone: +98-7737225576

Address: 5 km after Kangan in road Kangan Assaluyeh – Iran

Assaluyeh office

Phone: +98-6315478568

Address: Next to three-way, special zone, Assaluyeh.

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Headquarter: First floor, Building no. 106 Lotfi St., Hafte-e-tir Square, Tehran, Iran.
Phone: +982188845721-2           Fax: +982188828288

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