An 18,000 tonne capacity super heavy lift crane concept has been announced by Mammoet.

The Netherlands-based international heavy lift and transport specialist has combined elements from its existing MSG and PTC series cranes in the design of the new MSG1000. MSG stands for Mammoet Sliding Gantry.

Commenting on the new concept Jacques Stoof, Mammoet global director market development and innovation, said, “…we see from developments in, for example, modular construction, there is a growing need for cranes with significantly more lifting capacity than the market has seen thus far. While we have left the basic concept of the PTC intact, we have enhanced its capacity. Among other features, a double boom and strand jacks in combination with winches-based hoisting significantly increases its capacity – up to 18,000 metric tonnes.”

The MSG and PTC cranes combine capacity up to 5,000 tonnes with a reach of up to 256 metres on the main boom and jib. Mammoet operates ten PTCs worldwide. The company said it will discuss the concept with its customers to help determine how it can meet market needs.

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