Amirkabir is prepared to help contractors and factories allover Iran with lifts of any size. We have highly trained, certified crane operators with 9 to 20 years of experience; and a large fleet of cranes readily available for rent. If you need to rent crane in Iran, but aren’t sure what size of crane you’ll need to rent, reference the list below, or simply give us a call.

  1. Collect Accurate Measurements
    -Use a properly calibrated scale to determine the weight of the load (object or objects) you plan to lift.
    -Determine precisely how far away from the building you will need to set up the crane.
    -If you are lifting items from or onto a building, obtain the exact height of the building.
    -Measure how far away from the building’s edge you will need to place the load/object.
  2. Identify Any Obstructions
    Thoroughly inspect your site for trees, electrical lines, and other objects that could interfere with your lift.
    Identify an entrance and path that is wide enough for getting the crane on-site. Pay special attention to any tight turns.
    Ensure that the crane can safely clear anything it might have to drive under.
  3. Determine the Bearing Capacity of Your Site
    Find out if there are any underground tanks, power lines, pipes, tanks, etc.
    Assess the site’s ground conditions (slope, firmness, compaction, etc.)
  4. Obtain Street Permits
    If you plan to set up the crane on a city road, we may need to submit for a permit. Work cannot begin until the permit is approved.
  5. Figure Out Your Rigging Needs
    For heavy loads, you will likely need a rigger. If you don’t already have one, we can help you locate one.
    Our cranes arrive equipped with most rigging equipment, such as tie-downs, chains and straps. However, you may need to ask your rigger if you need any special rigging equipment for your lift, such as beams, grabs, shackles, etc.

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  • siaosi

    I would love to be able to get a new crane to help out. I think it would be nice to have all of the collect accurate measurements. I would like to be able to have something that is a rental.

  • Braden Bills

    I want to make sure that I get the right crane for my construction project. It makes sense that proper measurements would be important! That way I won’t end up getting a crane that’s much too large or too small.

  • Cameron Bennett

    I like that you mention that it’s important to get street permits before getting a crane on a city road. This shows the importance of being prepared before renting a heavy piece of equipment and that it’s not really something that should be taken lightly. By being prepared on your end, the faster a rental company can help you get everything you need to for your project.

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